composer / technician
musician / audiovisual artist
marcus(at)wrango(dot)se / +46 70 204 92 22

  • Live electronic audiovisual piece
  • Composed in 2011
  • Durata c:a 9 minutes
  • On the tech­ni­cal side:
    • Built in open­Frame­works (in C++).
    • Sound syn­the­sis with wavetable synthesis.
    • Visual syn­the­sis with white blocks, shapes and numbers.
    • Played live, con­trolled via the lap­top keyboard.
  • First performance during Sound of Stockholm festival, at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 2011-10-18.


Documentation of the first performance:

Sorry about the poor sound and image quality, this was recorded with the internal microphone in a Canon 7D, and some automatic light settings.