composer / technician
musician / audiovisual artist
marcus(at)wrango(dot)se / +46 70 204 92 22

For the Tivoli Gröna Lund’s annual party Stjärngalan I composed a piece of music composed of five parts on the theme of “Invasion”. The music was played during the entrance for the partygoers, it consisted of three “stages” with three levels of materials.

  • Live electronic piece for 6.0 channels.
  • Composed in 2012.
  • Durata c:a 40 minutes.
  • 2 channels played as installation/zone-music at the parks entrence.
  • 2 channels played as installation/zone-music in the Biergarten area (which people walked through)
  • 2 channels played in Tyrol’s large PA-System; playing different kind of materials.
  • Commissioned by Gröna Lund.


  • Technical stuff:
    • Composed snippets of material.
    • Played during performance from the large stage of the Tyrol venue.
    • Digital synthesizer used: Razor and Skanner.
    • Analog synthesizer used: Serge and CGS.
    • Performance software: Cycling’74 Max 6.
    • Performance kontroller Keith McMillen QuNeo Controller.
    • Monome controller used as distracting light effect.
    • UFO-branded costume.
    • Some kind of Alien mask; modified with tubes, with green light inside the tubes.
  • Premiered 17th of september 2012 in and outside Tyrol Venue at Gröna Lund Tivoli, Stockholm, Sweden.