composer / technician
musician / audiovisual artist
marcus(at)wrango(dot)se / +46 70 204 92 22

  • Music for Vifira’s contemporary circus and dance performance.
  • Durata: c:a 45 minutes
  • Studiobased electroacoustic music and live electronic parts played by the performers.
  • Live electronic parts using gestural controllers.
  • Listen to the studiobased parts in the right column.

Vifira says:

“Dance and circus that’s fresh, lively and communicative. Hej! Hello! Salut! Let’s go!

A performance inspired by:
Isaac Newton and his apple, the French countryside, Stockholm’s southern suburbs, bird movements in high winds, ritual ablution, the Swedish melancholy, astronauts in weightlessness and a lot more!

With these influences VIFIRA have created a show about gravity, the joy of moving, object manipulation and the unexpected. Using dance, juggling and acrobatics Hello! is a performance that does not want to be put in a box. Come and take part of Hello!

Hello! premiered in 23rd of march 2011 in Hangaren in Subtopia (Sweden’s new stage for contemporary circus). Hello! will tour during 2011-2013.

Music/Sound design – Marcus Wrangö
Light design – Lina Arvidsson

With support from: Kulturrådet, Stockholm Stad, Subtopia, Danscentrum Stockholm.”