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musician / audiovisual artist
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Den Haydn kann ich nicht leiden
Den Haydn kann ich nicht leiden

Marcus Wrangö’s ”Den Haydn kann ich nicht leiden” premiered during the Skivspelare 6 concert at Norbergfestival 2012. The piece is a exploration in the love-hate relationship (without love) with the music of the classical composer Joseph Haydn, for the composer/performer Marcus Wrangö.

  • Live electronic piece for six turntables, Haydn records and Serge synthesizer.
  • Composed in 2012.
  • Durata c:a 20 minutes.
  • Techniques:
    • Manipulating the turntable arms with hooks, making short glitchy loops.
    • Manipulating records with cuts and scratches from a knife making rythmically and noisy elements.
    • Using sinewaves in Serge synthesizer.
  • Premiered 28th of july 2012 in Mimer Venue at Norbergfestival 2012, Norberg, Sweden.