composer / technician
musician / audiovisual artist
marcus(at)wrango(dot)se / +46 70 204 92 22

An album released under the alias Wavemultiplier, on the danish label clang.


This is the first album from Swedish artist and composer Marcus Wrangö as Wavemultiplier.

4040 is an album of multiform overtones that saturate and distort inside rhythmic assemblies, made with machines that breathe volts and eat cables: a futuristic and somber technological music for post-apocalyptic gatherings on the far side of the wastelands.

One of the main inspirations for 4040 came from the work with very clean recordings of sounds and music in electro-acoustic academia, where distortion and material artefacts often are treated as unwanted noise. 4040 is a contrast to this as saturated material is put to the forefront and hereby become Wavemultiplier’s distinguishing sonic feature.

The tracks started out as dirty and heavy techno but soon the four-on-the-floor rhythm gave way and other, subtler time-patterns emerged. Wrangö’s fascination with the raw sound of the sine wave – so important to him that he uses it in virtually every single piece of music he composes – is still present, but here in a different, distorted fashion.

The album is composed and produced with the help of a Swedish drum sampler and a Californian modular synthesizer system. It was composed and recorded in Blocc Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.