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Likgiltig (OSX, Max6, VST)
Likgiltig (OSX, Max6, VST)

Likgiltig is a software made as a reaction to the frustration of studying classical counterpoint

when your interest is elsewhere and you studying for a Bachelors Degree in Electro Acoustic Music composition.

Alright, you can argue that it good to know the history and the theories of the classical masters, but I’ve could have used the precious time better. Anyway, this software and the reaction is NOT a critique agaist the teachers themselfs, but on the idea of trying to get the electo acoustic students and classical students to be the same.

Likgiltig is Swedish for something like indifferent, unconcerned, apathetical or insignificant.

The likgiltig~ does nothing more than forwarding signal data. Plain and simple, it is Likgiltig.

New version released 2013-02-02!
Now also with the “Sluta lyssna!”-function (the Stop Listening-function). 

The software is available in three different formats:

– Mac OS X software (
– Max6 (MSP) external, for Mac OS X (Likgiltig~.mxo)
– VST 2.4 Plugin, for Mac OS X

I don’t know if there will be a Windows version anytime soon, as I have very limited access to good Windows environments, maybe I’ll try with versions made in the Wine emulator.

Download Likgiltig (all versions in same package) : Likgiltig-0.201301